Friday, April 27, 2007

Newsclip: Tamarind seeds as dry eye treatment?

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Eye drops made from tamarind seeds, which come from the Asian evergreen tree Tamarindus indica, show promise as a treatment for dry eye syndrome, in a small study....

In a comparative study, Drs. Maurizio Rolando and Cristiana Valente from the University of Genoa, Italy had 30 dry-eye sufferers use TSP or HA drops three or more times per day for 90 days.

The TSP eye drops performed as well as the HA drops on several objective measures of dry eye syndrome.

Furthermore, the TSP drops did a significantly better job of relieving several key subjective symptoms of dry eye syndrome - namely, trouble blinking, ocular burning, and the sensation of having something in one's eye.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Newsclip: Yoga and dry eye

The Ann Arbor News reported today on a study published in December 2006 (get the feeling it was a slow news day...?) showing that computer users who practiced yoga for 60 days reported experiencing improved visual comfort and reduced dry eye.

Yoga practices might soothe sore eyes

In the new study, researchers at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation in Bangalore, India, used employees of a local software development company to determine whether yoga practices could assist professional computer users. Members of the yoga group practiced yoga for one hour per day, five days per week. The hour included 10 minutes of "visual cleansing exercises,'' which consisted of shifting the eyes in eight directions, while moving an extended thumb to direct the gaze; and looking at a flame at eye level without blinking, while focusing and defocusing the eyes.

Here's a link to the abstract of the study this was following up on.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Drug update: OPH-01

Press release from Oftalmis Monaco

OPHTALMIS MONACO, the Monaco-based biotech company specialized in ophthalmology, announces the signature of its first letter of intend for a worldwide exploitation and acquisition of an innovative patent.

The flagship product OPH-01 is an innovative concept with patented indications in ophthalmology including most pathologies of the ocular surface:

-- chronic dry eye

-- ocular inflammation

-- ocular allergy

It consists in a new pharmacological approach involving the permeability of the corneal epithelium. OPH-01 will first be developed into preservative-free eye drops to treat moderate to severe chronic dry eye. The first tests performed on rats'eyes are very promising.

The final contract will be signed before summer. A major partnership with another biotech company is under discussion.

Professor Joseph Colin, head of the ophthalmic department in Bordeaux (France), specialist of the corneal surface, is the advisor for the OPH-01 project.

OPHTALMIS MONACO was founded in October 2006. It is a Monaco-based biotechnology company which develops new pharmaceutical products to meet unmet medical needs in ophthalmology.

My dry eyes: Slight change to regimen...

Bleeeech. Getting that feeling again. Some tenderness just above the lash line in the right eye. A sort of characteristic burning under the lids when the Nutratear goes in the left eye if the scleral is there too.

This happens every now and then, and it's always because I've been neglecting my eyes - usually because of neglecting heat. Sometimes I let it get pretty bad before dealing with it, but this time, for once, I'm dealing with it a little sooner.

So, I actually started using my Rice Baggy again. Why it's so easy to let it go I don't know, especially when it feels good, isn't much hassle, and I always know it'll make things worse when I stop.

Anyway, here's what my night routine now looks like:

1. Drop of Dwelle in each eye.

2. Put Tranquileyes goggle right by the bed. (I don't bother with wetting the pads.)

3. Heat up Rice Baggy for about 40 seconds. I still find I have to be very careful not to overheat - with the slipcover, it can be much warmer than it 'feels'.

4. Lie down with Rice Baggy over my eyes, leave it there for about 10-15 minutes then take it off and put the Tranquileyes in its place.

Only problem with this of course is that sometimes I fall asleep with the Rice Baggy on. If it weren't for the fact that it eventually falls off, that wouldn't be a problem, since the baggy keeps the lids completely closed and feels pretty good.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Newsclip: Dry eyes are more than a nuisance

April 19 - Society for Women's Health Research

Dry Eyes Are More Than A Nuisance

Compared to most of the popular press items about dry eye these days, this press release by SWHR does a very nice job of touching on the seriousness of dry eye to those who have it, and manages to do it without sounding like an infomercial for a pharmaceutical. It also mentions Dr. Latkany's very practical new book "The Dry Eye Remedy" (click here for my review of this book) and even offers free copies.