Sunday, June 13, 2010

OTC drop news: Soothe Xtra Hydration launched

Bausch & Lomb has launched a new preserved over-the-counter drop called Soothe Xtra Hydration. The active ingredients are a very slightly reduced concentration of the same actives as the basic Soothe preservative-free drops. It is not yet listed in B&L's website, but it is in drugstores and online.

Here's a quick run-down of the active ingredients of all three products currently sold under the Soothe brand:

Soothe XP Emollient Eye Drops [preserved]: Light mineral oil (1%), mineral oil (4.5%)
(This is the original milky-looking Soothe that used to be sold in the purple and orange box before B&L bought it from Alimera. It was re-named Soothe XP after the acquisition.)

Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops [preservative-free]: Glycerin (0.6%), propylene glycol (0.6%)
(This was added to the lineup when the original Soothe became Soothe XP.)

Soothe Xtra Hydration [preserved]: Glycerin (0.55%), propylene glycol (0.55%)
(This is the one just announced.)

I guess I'd better put the press release here too. Takes some imagination to squeeze four paragraphs about a drop that's not new enough in concept to hazard listing the ingredients....

Marketwire, May 4
Bausch + Lomb Introduces New Soothe® Xtra Hydration Dry Eye Therapy Lubricant Eye Drops

MADISON, NJ--(Marketwire - May 4, 2010) - Bausch + Lomb today announced the U.S. launch of new Soothe® Xtra Hydration lubricant eye drops. Building on the success of the Soothe XP Xtra Protection formula, new Soothe Xtra Hydration provides a comprehensive over-the-counter portfolio for patients with dry eyes.
The Soothe portfolio is now aligned with the most recent international Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS) sponsored by the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society. DEWS created a new definition of dry eye and helped develop two major classifications of dry eye -- aqueous-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye.
New Soothe Xtra Hydration, for aqueous-deficient dry eye therapy, moisturizes and restores the deficient aqueous and mucin layers of the tear film to provide lasting hydration and comfort. It will be available at major retailers in May.
Soothe XP Xtra Protection, for evaporative dry eye therapy, re-establishes the lipid layer of the tear film to provide up to eight hours of relief. The product is widely available at major retailers.


Anonymous said...

I tried new soothe xtra hydration and it made my eyes completely bloodshot and was painful. Will never use that again, to say the least!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed the same thing! Thought I was eyes are terribly blood shot and it burns when I put them in my eyes.

Sound for said...

I went to the eye doctor who gave me a small bottle for free of the B&L Soothe XP Emollient (lubricant eye drops) original formula persistent dry eye extra protection which lasts up to 8 hours. Active ingredients light mineral oil 1.0%, mineral oil 4.5% emollient. It actually helped my eyes tremendously. The only problem the drops given to me last week, 03/11 expired 10/09. I cannot find a current product due to recent recall of this eye drop. Can anyone tell me why it was recalled. Apparently the drops with the mineral oil ingredient works differently than the other products. Please email me at with an answer about recall. Thanks.