Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Back again

Wow - I haven't blogged since Dry Eye Awareness Month back in July, when I sat down to long gluttonous sessions of writing to compensate myself for all the writing I couldn't do in 2016+.

Happy to be getting back in the saddle, yet again! This time around, I am planning to work on some specific topic series, in case anyone's interested.

I won't, of course, post every day but for whatever I do manage the post, here is what will happen when:


News/Research/Etc: Industry news
Product talk: NIGHT protection


News/Research/Etc: Recent studies
Product talk: SCLERALS & PROSE


News/Research/Etc: Clinical trial status updates
Product talk: LUBRICANTS (OTC drops, gels, ointments etc)


News/Research/Etc: Recent studies
Product talk: OPTICAL (dry eye glasses & sunglasses)


News/Research/Etc: TFOS DEWS II report highlights
Product talk: LIDS (scrubs, compresses etc)

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